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Hudson Terrace

BAUHAUS (Bou’hous’) - adj. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a 20th-century school of design, the aesthetic of which was influenced by and derived from techniques and materials employed especially in industrial fabrication and manufacture.


An unabashed homage to the Bauhaus movement...Hudson Terrace stands apart from other newer condominiums in many areas.

HUDSON TERRACE is built with high-tech and high-quality exterior building materials such as Trespa ® Meteon, a high performance panel for exterior cladding, manufactured with proprietary technologies.

The structure’s 21st century rain wall technology allows the building to breathe while assuring water tight integrity. High efficiency, dual-glazed, custom-made, metal-framed casements and awning windows allow for natural ventilation.

The Bauhaus-inspired look of the building is defined by large custom glass elements set between massive towers sheathed in custom made masonary that
TOLEDO HOMES took three years to research and develop.

These diverse elements are united by contemporary architectural metal trim used in conjunction with sparkling frameless glass balcony rails.